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Bill Smith  - President

The mobile world has changed a lot since Smith Enterprises began in 1980. We have watched aftermarket products grow from stereos, A/C units, and simple Motorola radios to the vast array of products today. Over the last 10 years many of these after-market products have become necessities for businesses with mobile work forces.  So important, in fact, that vehicle manufacturers are offering them as features on their new vehicles.  The good news is you don’t have to buy a new vehicle for your mobile workforce to have the same, if not better, mobile technology.  

Scott Edwards - Director of Business Operations

SEI has kept up with the evolving technologies in the mobile industry, because every project is built around your business needs. We have grown our business by working hard and serving our customers with integrity and value oriented solutions and have been rewarded with second and third generation fleet refreshes.  From an operations perspective, it’s imperative that our mobile teams have the right tools and resources they need to accomplish a project on time and on budget.  In the same way that Mobile Technology brings efficiencies to your business, it does the same for SEI. To keep up with the times, we created our customizable SEI Customer Web Portal and equipped our service technicians with tablets to receive work and record the progress being performed on customer vehicles.  Some of our customers were so impressed with our process, they wanted a similar software.  We shared what worked for us and helped them craft their own.  With over 300,000 installs, we also recognized that effectively managing logistics is crucial to our quality and timeliness in delivery of equipment.  To manage the cyclical flow of our projects with near perfect success, we partner with other businesses and a employ a scalable workforce.  That means the right configuration gets to the right technician every time, which helps us stay cost competitive.

Kyle McCarley - Director of Installation and Service

SEI’s nationwide mobile workforce is the heart of our business and insuring they are in the right place at the right time takes good communications, planning, more planning, and years of experience.  Our services encompass installation and retrofitting of new and not so new vehicles, and maintenance teams that service your needs day to day.  Our teams have implemented nationwide installs of over 50,000 vehicles with not so normal vehicle availability windows spanning all times of the day or night, and often in the rain and snow. Our maintenance work also grew to an average of over 8,000 calls a month for our quick response domiciled teams. And to keep us organized we rely on our project managers, IT team, and logistical warehouse support teams. It also takes the right tools and yes we use the same mobile field services technology we promote to our customers, which makes it so simple for SEI to share our experiences and partner with you on your solution.

Steven McDonald - Mobile Solutions Integrator

Steve worked in the Telecommunication business for over 35 years and after retiring, he joined SEI.  He brings considerable industry experience with developing mobile solutions for large or small mobile workforces. Whether it’s Dispatching, Wireless Data, Laptops to Smart Phones, or Telematics (Tracking/Vehicle diagnostics/Driver Behavior), we would like to share what we have learned about Mobile Technology and how it can bring efficiency and cost savings to YOUR business. 
Smith Enterprises Fleet Installation Services
Over the past 36 years, Smith Enterprises, Inc. has built a solid reputation as a Mobile Technology Solutions Provider. Whether your business is large or small, we want to partner with you and make your job easier.
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Upgrade Your Fleet Today With New Car Technology!
Each new year we continue to see rapid advancements in automotive technology and equipment that helps lower cost of ownership and assist with driving safer.  It began with simple GPS tracking devices, progressed to built-in navigational displays and diagnostics, then collision avoidance, and soon we won’t even need a driver. You’re also very aware that today’s cars and trucks last longer, but as a business, it’s just not financially feasible to replace your Fleet every few years just to get these features. How can you gain the benefits of this new technology in your Fleet today? We have good news! Did you ever stop to think that a lot of the new technology you see in new cars today was inspired by aftermarket add-ons.  Think about it... Which came first, the OEM navigation system or the Garmin/TomTom? How about Dash Cams?  Back-up monitors in the rearview mirror?  It goes on and on. What we are saying is the same equipment found in new cars and trucks is available right now, so you can achieve the same benefits today with your current Fleet!   Contact us, so we can share with you what we have learned over the past 35 years in the after factory business.
If you need help in planning a deployment or finding the products that suit your needs, we can help!  Just give us a call at 1-888-776-3771 or email us at
So if you are a Fleet owner with new or not so new vehicles and looking to add or upgrade equipment just give us a call at 1-888-776-3771 or email us at
So if you are a Fleet owner with new or not so new vehicles and looking to add or upgrade equipment just give us a call at 1-888-776-3771 or email us at