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Over the past 36 years, Smith Enterprises, Inc. has built a solid reputation as a Mobile Technology Solutions Provider. Whether your business is large or small, we want to partner with you and make your job easier.
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Smith Enterprises Inc. (SEI) is a Woman

Owned Small Business.  Over the past 35

years, we watched as after-factory items

changed from A/C units and in-dash sound

systems to embedded computers with GPS,

OBD, RFID, Sensors, and of course, Wireless

Communications.  The vehicles have

progressed quite a bit too! As they became

more technologically sophisticated, we have

learned to adapt and transform ourselves

as a services business.  We met those

challenges by evolving our business

processes and training methods to match

the speed of business.  We still crawl around

inside vehicles, but for our customers,

paper and pencil are a thing of the past and

web portals are in.

Along the way, we also learned the

importance of establishing strategic

business partnerships.  Through these

partners we have been able to go beyond

just a simple installation, to assisting our

customers with building complete solutions

that includes both hardware and software. 

It’s not a one-time transaction either, we

follow up with you regularly to keep abreast

of changes in your business and then share

new ideas and technology solutions that

brings value to you. We believe this is why

SEI has maintained lasting relationships with

our Customers, some for decades.

We are also very proud of the SEI team!  It

takes special people willing to be on the

road for months at a time, work odd hours,

and sometimes in non-favorable weather.  

Thank you for taking the time to learn about

SEI and hopefully you will see we sincerely

wish to help you explore the benefits that

mobile technology can bring to your




Bill Smith  President Bill Smith is the President for Smith Enterprises Inc.  Mr. Smith’s leadership sets the strategic direction and vision of the company, creating an organization that combines innovation and technology for its Customers
Mark George CFO Mark George is the Chief Financial Officer for Smith Enterprises Inc.  Mr. Georgia brings over 25 years of financial business management from the banking and insurance industry to the company.  
Leadership Team
Linda Smith  CEO Linda Smith is the Chief Executive Officer for Smith Enterprises Inc, a “Women-Owned” business. Under her guideance SEI has remained financially stable and competitive for many decades. 
Misty Bellomy Accounts Payable Specialist Misty Bellomy  reviews, analyzes and administers the payables for Smith Enterprises Inc.
Candi Cristan Accounts Receivable Specialist  Candi Cristan reviews, analyzes and administers the receivables for Smith Enterprises Inc.
Office Operations